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8 Valuable Ways to burn more calories during your workout


These days everyone wants to get a great bang for their time and money and that includes fitness too. Who wants to spend hours unending in the gym each day? Nobody. Who wants to spend forever in the gym and not get great results? Nobody. Here are a few ways you can spend less time in the gym while maximizing your fitness gains.   Take active rest breaks Instead of.. Read More

Four great ways to get fit without stepping into the Gym


Have you ever been to the gym and seen someone almost in tears as they’re pushing out those reps? Keeping fit looks so painful and unpleasant sometimes! Reps are a really tough way to improve your fitness. And when you’re just starting on your road to getting fit, they can be quite off-putting. What you need are some activities that help you feel good while you’re working out. Here are.. Read More

Don’t Hibernate! Winter Fitness Advice Anybody Can Use


People have a tendency to hibernate during winter. It’s all too easy, as it’s in our nature to want to stay in more and eat more food to protect ourselves. However, you don’t want to let winter get out of hand. If you’ve kept active and improve your eating habits during summer, you don’t want to let all of that go during winter. This winter fitness advice is suitable for.. Read More

13 things you may not know about me


  I figured i should write something different today especially since i have seen a few of these around and love them. I feel like its a way to get to know bloggers on a more personal level so i decided to put my own list together!   Some people thought i was a snob in high school and some people still think i am just cause i tend to.. Read More

4 Ways to boost self confidence through exercise


You often read about exercise as a solution for busting belly fat, and toning those triceps. But it offers so much more. Yes, working out is an effective way to lose weight and tone up, but it has so many other benefits. One incredible side-effect of exercise is increased confidence. If you have self-esteem, or you wish you were more self-assured, here are some ways exercise can empower you.  .. Read More

Liquid Gold: Drink Your Way To Sparkling Health And Nutrition


  We all know the right foods to eat and that we should definitely eliminate fizzy drinks from our diet to become healthier. And if you want to lose some weight, take a look at my tips on the best foods to eat to zap belly fat right here. But do you know that there are also many drinks you can incorporate into your diet that are beneficial to good.. Read More

Healthy tips for students


It can be tough staying healthy as a student right? When you have assignments due, exams, projects, group work, all nighters and so many things grabbing your time and attention it can be hard trying to be conscious of what you eat or get some workout in. Here are a few tips you can employ to help you out: Workout anywhere: You probably do not have time to dedicate to.. Read More

Why you are not seeing results in the gym


You workout and eat right regularly but you are not getting the results you desire and you see others getting it. What could be wrong? Here is a list of a few things i have noticed in myself and some clients. They are really easy to make or not even be aware of. Talking halfway through your workout A lot of people use half of their workout time to talk.. Read More

How to lose Belly fat video


I wrote 2 articles in the past few weeks about belly fat and foods to help. I decided to do a video to talk briefly about them. Check it out:

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